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Massage Relief for Lyme Disease

Not only is it the start of Blog Season…which is going to hopefully be every season… but it’s tick season. I wanted to write a little something to bring attention to Lyme Disease. This often difficult to diagnose disease has been on my mind a lot since a dear client of mine recently told me she had been diagnosed with it. Her symptoms over the years had been muscle aches, joint pain and major fatigue. Finally she got the right diagnosis. It is a disease that’s often misdiagnosed since it has similar symptoms to Fibromyalgia (which I was once told by an organic chemist, is a “made up name” for something they don’t know what it is… but I’m not a doctor so,…) As a result of this recent news she has been doing tons of research into homeopathic remedies because, frankly, antibiotics had made her very ill and weren’t an option. She went on to tell me that insurance companies don’t cover the cost of care for Lyme Disease. I’m shocked to hear that! Western Doctors have been known to attribute symptoms of Lyme Disease, such as fatigue, muscle and joint aches, headaches and memory loss with less serious viruses... but this is serious business my friends! Thank goodness my client finds that regular massage helps her to feel balanced and grounded again. Just the start of pressure in the beginning of the massage is so welcome to her. Thank goodness we bring the massage to her in the comfort of her own home. Thank goodness she finally knows what has been going on with her!

The Spring rain bring out the ticks as warmer weather starts up the season of hiking and local races/runs through the surrounding flora and fauna. It’s a fact that you can actually find a “Lyme tent” at many of these race events, in case you may have been bitten. Lyme Disease is no joke and more common than in just the celebrities we hear have it. In fact, if not treated right away, it can lie dormant for a period of time. I found the following article very informative and encourage you to read it for yourself and those you love.

Wishing you the best in health,

Susan Barrick

Co-Founder / CMT

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