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About BackSpace

Susan and Liam sitting.jpg

In 2015, after years of massage and bodywork with luxury spa, private athletic club and community based massage, it was natural for Susan and Liam to launch BackSpace Mobile Massage.


The two had met as independent contractors working in San Francisco. when they recognized the huge lack of convenient, quality, care-based massage available for people in the Bay Area.


As working massage therapists they would and could fill that need, and thus, BackSpace Mobile Massage was born.

Since then they have lovingly put heart and soul into the development and management of BackSpace.

As business has grown, so has cultivation of an environment for more therapists to work directly with clients in-home. It is this unique client / therapist relationship that fosters a successful healing environment.


From the seed of their original idea, BackSpace has grown into what is now a supportive community offering which is highly regarded and widely recommended. These two and their growing team of massage therapists continue to commit to bringing the best of care to the table and to the future of BackSpace.

Thank you for your support and faith in us.

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