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Know who's coming.

With BackSpace, you know exactly who is coming to your door...
before you even book a session.
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Susan Barrick

Co-Founder /Massage Therapist

 Founding Partners


Susan's specialty is customizing massage treatments by blending several techniques into one therapeutic healing and relaxing experience. Enjoy the soothing interconnected strokes of Swedish combined with Shiatsu-style Acupressure to release tension as well as Thai inspired stretching to enhance joint movement. Her background with deeper work on athletes at the SF Bay Club, luxury spa work at the Nob Hill Spa and Kabuki Springs & Spa clearly translate well in the bodywork she brings to her clients.

Susan is known for her professional, intuitive and nurturing touch; firm enough to alleviate sore muscles while providing a deeper level of relaxation. Her intention and philosophy for every massage session is a focus that allows the mind and body to return to its natural state of harmony and balance. She’ll even leave you with helpful tips on how to keep your muscles, (and mind!) in better shape until the next personalized session. 

CAMTC #27126
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Catherine found her calling for healing when she initially started out her education in Nursing. While she learned that Western medicine can be effective in treating symptoms of disease, she knew that preventative healing education and therapy  was where her true passion lied. She bravely left the USF nursing program in 2001, set out to learn more about the human body, and received her BS in kinesiology from San Francisco State University in 2006. In 2009, she graduated from the National Holistic Institute in San Francisco and began her practice in massage therapy. 


With over 7 years of massage experience, her passion for bodywork is rooted in Eastern therapies, particularly Acupressure, Shiatsu, and Thai techniques. She also has a deep love for rehabilitative work and often uses myofascial release with deep tissue. The combination of these modalities is most effective for pain management and aiding clients maintain their individual wellness programs. Her sessions are best described as "East meets West". Being an intuitive facilitator of healing, she believes that the combination of physical techniques, positive energy, and education create the ultimate healing environment.

Catherine Elumba

Co-Founder /Therapist

CAMTC #04691

Liam combines a variety of techniques to create a massage that is both therapeutic and deeply relaxing. Practicing in San Francisco since 2003, Liam cut his teeth working at an elderly home before moving on to a neighborhood clinic for low-income HIV patients. He has since worked on a wide range of clients, from professional athletes and musicians to hospice patients and drug addicts.


Liam holds a master's degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. While skilled in many massage styles, Liam considers deep tissue work, pain management, and emotional healing his specialties. A committed cyclist, Liam rides his cargo bike to all massages (yes, even the ones in Twin Peaks).

Liam Casey

Co-Founder /Therapist

CAMTC #37025
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Our Mission...

BackSpace Mobile Massage is a collaborative community of mobile bodyworkers that provides high quality massage to clients in-home, at the workplace, and events. We believe massage is an integral part of overall wellness and work closely with clients to achieve their stress and pain management goals. 

We offer competitive pricing and personalized service while

Bringing Care to the Table.

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