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Sarah Best

License #

Sarah's approach is intuitive and investigative. She began her journey with holistic wellness in her teens while looking for alternative methods for healing injuries aquired from sports as well as normal wear and tear. Sarah recieved her certificate in Medical Massage in 2002 at The Touching for Health Center in Stockton, CA, under the tutelage of rolfers and International Massage Therapists. Sarah went on further to study Human Biology, Anatomy, and Kinesiology, then worked as Certified Nursing Assistant in San Diego where she provided capable and dignified care to hospice and post-op patients. She also did wound care which propelled her to study Burn Scar massage, for which she is ceriftied. Finally, in 2016, she studied at NHI where she advanced her skills and got licensed by the state of California. Sarah's style is holistic. She uses her experience with Myofascial Therapies, Sports Maintenance, Deep Tissue, Soothing Swedish, Shiatsu/Accupressure, Medical and Cranial Massage to get to the the root of the pain, be it musculoskelatal or emotional, so the individual can experience relief and enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle.

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