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Joanna Burgess

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Drawing upon various modalities, including flow-oriented Swedish, targeted deep tissue, myofascial release, facilitated stretching, orthopedic massage*, nervous system reeducation, and subtle touch inspired by Craniosacral Therapy, Joanna works together with you to design the bodywork style that best meets your needs. Each session starts with an assessment to understand your goals, which may include pain reduction and injury rehabilitation, athletic/training goals, and relaxation/stress reduction. Joanna is knowledgeable in anatomy/kinesiology principles, and common conditions encountered by everyday athletes and working professionals. She is warm and grounded, offering a mindful and nurturing style of massage, even when addressing functional/rehabilitative goals.

*Elements of orthopedic massage can be incorporated into your session, or you may choose to receive an entire session in the orthopedic style Joanna has trained in, called the Hendrickson Method™. These sessions are given clothed, with no massage oil or lotion. They integrate a unique style of massage called wave mobilization™ that gently rocks the body and mobilizes the joints, together with a neuromuscular reeducation approach using MET (muscle energy technique).

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